TuneupMyMac Overview

TuneupMyMac's advanced features and powerful tools help enhance Mac speed with ease and improve your experience exclusively.

Manufacturer: TuneupMyMac.com
Price (RRP): $59.95
Best Price: $39.95
Platforms: Supporting Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Requirements: none


  • Clean your Mac in single click
  • Free up space on your hard drive
  • Speed up your Mac by removing junk files
  • Delete sensitive and confidential data securely
  • Optimize your hard drive and make your Mac more stable

One Click Cleaning. A fast, safe and secure cleanup!

One click Cleaning includes four essential clean up tools to scan and clean your Mac with one click.

  • Cleans system and user cache files
  • Cleans system and user log files
  • Removes redundant parts of applications
  • Removes all unneeded languages of localized applications

System Cleaner

  • System Cleaner scans your Mac for system and user cache files that occupy valuable hard disk space. Cache files are temporary files created to access data quickly but over time they take up a major area of precious hard disk space. System Cleaner safely cleans all of them.

Logs Cleaner

  • Logs Cleaner scans your Mac for system and user log files that occupy valuable hard disk space. Log files are automatically created for statistical analysis use and can be cleaned by Logs cleaner safely and quickly.

App Optimizer

  • App Optimizer scans applications installed on your Mac and allows you to remove redundant parts designed for other platforms. It preserves suitable parts for the platform that your Mac uses.

Unused Languages

  • Scan your Mac for localized applications that occupy valuable hard disk space. You can set the languages you need in preferences and remove all unneeded ones.


  • Duplicates Finder - Remove duplicates and save disk space
  • Duplicates Finder scans your Mac for duplicate files that waste hard disk space. It identifies duplicate files and allows you to remove them to recover precious disk space.

  • Uninstaller - Uninstall the unneeded applications
  • Uninstaller allows you to remove applications panes along with their associated files. It removes the applications safely and completely.

  • Startup Apps - Remove unneeded application from startup
  • Startup Apps helps you to manage automatic application launch at Mac startup. You can find, enable, disable or add startup programs easily.

Manual Cleaning

  • Internet Privacy - Protect your Internet Privacy
  • Internet Privacy tool scans your Mac for internet browsing history and cookies for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. When you browse the web, your browser automatically saves all information including sites you have visited, items you have downloaded and more in the browsing history folder. Internet Privacy cleans all stored information safely.

  • Misc Cleaning - Recover wasted disk space on your Mac
  • Misc Cleaning scans your Mac for iTunes device backups, mail downloads and old downloads that you may no longer need and waste disk space. Misc Cleaning allows you to remove these items safely and easily. You can save gigabytes of disk space and enhance your Mac speed as a result.

  • Large Files - View large files that occupy most disk space
  • Scan your Mac to find large files (Music, Pictures, Video, Documents and others) and space occupied by them. Large files tool detects the files that occupy most disk space on your Mac and allows you to remove useless files to regain big chunk of disk space easily.


  • Shredder - Permanently delete secret files and folders
  • Shredder is an effective tool to keep the privacy and security of your Mac intact by removing your private data securely. It deletes 'files or folders' permanently and makes them unrecoverable.



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