Ad-Aware Personal Security Overview

Built upon our legendary anti-spyware and antivirus protection, Ad-Aware Personal Security provides a complete set of anti-phishing features and real-time web-filtering technology that safeguards your PC against phishing attacks and online scams, giving you the confidence you need to shop and bank online.

Manufacturer: LavaSoft
Price (RRP): $24.00 and UP
Best Price: $24.00 (save 33%)
Platforms: Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1) (32 & 64 bit), Vista (SP2) (32 & 64 bit), Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)
Requirements: 1.8 GB free space
(at least 800 MB on the system drive)

Fast Antivirus

  • It's a superfast antivirus that complements Ad-Aware's legendary anti-spyware.

Legendary Antispyware

  • Ad-Aware is the world's most downloaded security software. 450 million downloads and counting...

Download Protection

  • Scans your downloads regardless of the file format before they have a chance to damage your PC.

Automatic Threat Updates

  • Stay protected against the latest threats.

Pin-Point Scanning

  • Password Manager secures your online passwords & accounts
  • Scheduled, Automatic Backup protects your valuable digital assets
  • Easy-to-Use Encryption allows you to safely store and transfer sensitive files
  • Online backup provides extra protection in case your PC crashes or is lost or stolen

Game Mode

  • Silent mode protection that allows you to play your games and watch your movies without being disturbed.

Malware Sandbox Emulator

  • Emulation technology that helps protecting users from unidentified or new variants of malware.

Safe Browsing

  • Protects you while you browse the web by validating a constantly updated list of known bad URLs and websites.

Stay Safe on Social Networks

  • Ad-Aware keeps your passwords and personal information safe on social networks.

Safely Shop & Bank Online

  • Protect yourself against cyber criminals out to steal your credit card data or banking information.

External Storage Scan

  • Scan USB drives, memory keys and any other external storage devices against malware.

Email Protection

  • Detect email borne threats protecting yourself and your friends when communicating via email.

Advanced Firewall

  • Block hackers from getting into your system to spy or steal important information.

Safe Networking

  • Continuously monitor network and/or system activities and block malicious intrusions.

Digital Lock

  • Strong encryption technology that protects your files and sensitive information.

Parental Control

  • Prohibit access to adult oriented websites and protect your children against negative web content.

File Shredder

  • Permanently remove the sensitive digital information that you want to get rid off.

Product Details

Ad-Aware PRO

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Ad-Aware Total Security

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Lavasoft Registry Tuner

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Lavasoft Digital Lock

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Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

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Lavasoft File Shredder

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