DLL-Files Fixer Software Review

DLL errors are some of the most annoying you will ever see on a computer, and we’ve all seen them:

“The program can’t start because ‘*.dll’ is missing from your computer”

You can’t use the program, and with this error popping up all the time, you can barely use your computer anymore.

The DLL-Files Fixer is a software specifically designed to solve .dll errors on your Windows machine and is clearly the best and easiest-to-use tool available today. DLL-Files Fixer comes with an extensive archive of .dll files to counter any type of .dll error that may appear, with an easy to use one-click-installation procedure. Since .dll errors are often related to registry errors, the DLL-Files Fixer is well equipped to handle these errors with an in-built registry cleaner function.

Cleaning up left-over errors such as faulty or unnecessary registry entries not only solves your current .dll errors, but also reduces the risk of further errors appearing, as well as streamlining and improving your PC startup process, improving your computer’s performance and startup time..

Manufacturer: dll-files.com
Price (RRP): $29.95 | €23.75
Best Price: $23.95 | €18.99 (SAVE 20%)
Platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Requirements: Intel Pentium III or above (about 1 GHz equivalent processing power) 512 MB RAM, 20 MB free HD space
Supported Languages: English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Korean.

Why use DLL-files Fixer?

It can be quite difficult to solve a .dll error on your own. Finding the right file, making sure it’s safe to use, verify it’s the correct version you need, installing it correctly etc. Also, you will not know if it’s done correctly until you test the program again. If something went wrong along the way, you have to start all over again.

The great thing with the DLL-Files Fixer is that it is really easy to use and once you have installed the program it brings this whole process down to two steps:

1. Input the .dll filename from the error message you get.
2. Click on “install”.

The DLL-Files Fixer will recommend the best version of the file for optimal fit with your system setup, install it in the right place, then make sure programs on your computer know where to find it. And like that, problem solved!

This software is unique and the only of its kind available today. It can solve your errors automatically, while at the same time offering full control to you for those that want it, with advanced installation options where you can choose yourself which version to be installed and where.

So what’s the end result?

  • Resolved .dll errors and ensure your programs run smoothly.
  • Eliminated .dll-related system pop-up error messages.
  • Optimized PC performance and faster system with a clean and error-free registry.
  • Prevented applications and PC from crashing.
  • Counteract deterioration over time with Premium Version, licenses available from 12 months.


DLL-Files Fixer

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