Advanced Disk Recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery does just that. It scans your entire system for deleted files and folders and gives you the opportunity to recover them. Hard drives, partitions, external devices, and even CDs and DVDs can be scanned for recoverable files using Advanced Disk Recovery. Two types of scans are provided. The Quick Scan uses the Master File Table and the Deep Scan uses file signatures. Once the scan is complete, you can either preview the files/folders or recover them to the location you want. It is as simple as that.

Manufacturer: SystWeak
Price (RRP): $48.06
Best Price: $48.06
Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP,
Requirements: 180MB free hard drive space

Key Features & Benefits

  • Recovers almost any type of data
  • Gives the option to save the scan session if scan is aborted
  • Advanced Filter options to recover desired data
  • Restores multiple items at once to the location of choice
  • Checks file header for extensions and corrects them if changed
  • Uses Master File Table or File Signatures to identify deleted files
  • Recovers deleted data from hard drives, partitions and external devices

What can Advanced Disk Recovery do?

  • Advanced Disk Recovery can recover all types of data
  • Advanced Disk Recovery can save the scan session if scan is aborted
  • Advanced Disk Recovery can recover desired data using advanced filter options
  • Advanced Disk Recovery can recover data from any storage device
  • Advanced Disk Recovery can Master File Table and File Signatures to find deleted files

Simple and easy to use interface

  • Advanced Disk Recovery has a simple, easy to use interface. Novice users can also use this program easily without any expert guidance and recover their data with a few simple clicks.

Recover all types of data

  • You can recover any type of files and folders using Advanced Disk Recovery program. It can search and recover all deleted content irrespective of its type.

Quick and Deep Scans

  • Advanced Disk Recovery has two types of scans to search deleted files. The Quick Scan is really fast, while the Deep scan takes longer as it is more thorough in its search.

Save scan session if scan is aborted

  • If user cancels a scan session, Advanced Disk Recovery has to option to save the session, so use can resume from where he left off next time

Recover data from various storage devices

  • Advanced Disk Recovery can not only recover data from the local hard drive and partitions on it, it can also scan and recover data from external storage devices and even CDs/DVDs

Product Details

Advanced Disk Recovery

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